Our Hauntings

The Great Escape Hauntings

A man in a black suit carrying a clip board walks into a closet and disappears, that feeling that someone is standing right next to you, walking through a very cold spot in a dark hallway, the sounds of 1920′s music forming from the basement after hours, an antique radio plays without being touched and upon investigation it’s determined that there were no wires hooked up to it and the old tubes inside were burned out.

These events and more prompted one of our bartenders to seek out a team of paranormal investigators to validate the sighting that he had personally experienced. Upon Brian’s approval & two preliminary visits from the team leader of the Chicago Paranormal Detectives, it was arrange to have the full 10 person paranormal team come in and spend the night investigating. An amazing array of electronic equipment and the help of a Medium would assist them in their task.

One never knows what lurks around the corner!

The equipment setup started at 10:30pm and by 12:00am they were ready to go. The power was turned off in the building to minimize false readings from restaurant equpment turning on and off. Around 1:00 AM the activity started. Signals from the EMF energy meters were going off randomly. Upon persistent questioning from the investigators the energy metes started showing intelligent responses with a series of beeps and flashes. The Medium soon joined the “activity hot spot” and began communicating directly with approximately 15 spirits. The bartender was able to speak with the man in the black suit and ask him some questions(he is no longer afraid to go into the basement alone). Many spirits came through the medium to give us a little piece of their stories. During an extended interaction with one spirit, the temperature around the medium fell 22 degrees. The interactions were far more extensive than most of us expected. It looked just like an episode of Ghost Hunters.

The team left at 5:00am and I tentatively locked the door behind them. I wasn’t afraid, just very aware. Curious things continue to happen. A falling ice scoop, a barking dog, or a shadow under the door. Just enough to keep us on our toes and feel obligated to announce yourself before entering an empty room or shaking your keys before going into the basement.